Sunday, March 28, 2010

Interim Plans

We received some interim drafted plans with the changes that we requested so that the Denver will fit on the block with a driveway down one side and a minimum space to the boundary on the other. It appears that the "drafty" was trying to purely save build costs and reduced the sizes of the rooms on the garage end of the house....not what we wanted. I won't post the house plan here, but have included the site plan (because it is mostly correct). Fits snugly on the block!!!

It would be nice to have direct contact with the drafty so that we can get the layout and sizing sorted in one go.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the Soil is a .......

The wait is over for the soil test. We were hoping that it might be an "S" class soil, but it has come back a "P/M". What the??? After peaking out that our agent had sold us a dodgy block with a P=Problem soil class I gave the engineers a call to confirm what the rating was, particularly that I thought you only got a single soil class. The engineer said that it was actually a typical "M" class soil which was common to the Glass House Mountains area, but that the test was completed during a week of heavy rain which had an effect on the test. Apparently, the "P" classification was due to "low bearing capacities encountered across the site".

Well, its not an "S" which would have saved us about $10K in site costs, but it is within the original quote that we were provided with from the Metricon Sales Consultant.

We have also heard from our Metricon Sales Consultant and Customer Service Co-ordinator twice in the last week. The new home contract has been ordered and we should have it in about 3 to 4 weeks. That makes it just after easter and we should be signing the contract. The Metricon Sales Consultant said they have been generally starting site works about 4 weeks after signing and then we should have a 16 week build time. I don't think that he has come in contact with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council yet. I think we can add at least another 4 weeks to the time at council.

Anyway, there is LOTS to decide on in the next few weeks which will definitely involve quite a few trips on Saturdays to Studio M at the Gold Coast. At least we have a fair idea what we want the external of the house to look like.....the internals are a whole other matter!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So many choices!!! So little time!!!

Well the contract is now unconditional on the land and we have signed our initial agreement to build a Denver 33 with a few alterations, mainly because we wanted to fit a driveway down to a shed on the back of the block. The rejig of the basic plans went well and everything fits with a metre or so to spare. Just waiting on the soil testing, contours and HSTP plan to come back now. Hopefully we have a good result to the soil test which will save a few dollars. I will post a few photo's of the block in the near future.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yay!!! We got the land!! Now for sorting out the Build

Well, after months of looking around for a house to buy we have finally decided to buy land. Thank god we are going to get back into our own place and out of renting again.