Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes, we are in!!

Thanks for your comments and messages folks!!  I can confirm that we are...and have been in our new Metricon home since late November.  Unfortunately, its been a bit of a trying time over the last month or so with the loss of a family member, dealing with moving, and more recently flooding in and around our investment property in Brisbane.  Amongst all of this we have had no end in trouble trying to get ADSL connected at our new home.  It appears that there are no available ports at our local exchange and the only connection available is on a pair gain line :(   .  Our normal ISP, AAPT continued to try and request a dedicated port at the exchange for about 1month with no success, so after struggling with (dare I say it....Dial Up), I have had to do the unthinkable and go back to Telstra to get any sort of Broadband - NextG.  I said I would never go back to them again after an absolute debarcle a few years ago.
Anyway folks, unfortunately, I am really short on time for this post.  Trying to get some sleep before getting up early tomorrow to inspect our (hopefully high and dry) unit at Fairfield......not holding my breath on that at the moment.

I will provide all the photos from the last month....or so in the next couple of days.  For those in Brisvegas around the River, lets hope that we become the "Sunshine State" again!!!