Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 72 - One photo says it all!!

An this is it!!  As from Wednesday, we have been locked out of the house, so from now on its going to be a lot harder to get photo's of the progress inside.  Our Site Supervisor has been really good in organising a meeting onsite each week from now on so that we can have a look through.  Our first one was on Friday morning.  Our SS talked us through where he was up to and what was due to happen in the next couple of weeks.  Seems like there has and will be a lot of trades on site over the next 4 weeks including the tiler, painter and the final fitout carpenter.  We managed to get these photo's on the way through -
In the main bathroom the wet areas have been waterproofed during the week and the cabinetry installed.  We originally weren't 100% sure of our choice of "Fudge Stream" laminate for the cabinetry doors throughout the house, but they really stand our and should look fantastic once the white tiles and the caeserstone benchtops are in.
The ensuite has been waterproofed and cabinets fitted as well.  Happy with the work here.  These cabinets will have a basin on each side.

We have noticed a few issues in this area.  The cabinetmakers apparently did not get the "final" plans from Metricon with the updated kitchen fitout.  On the walk through with the Site Supervisor, we noticed that the piano hinged cabinet that was supposed to be used in the corner had been missed.  We've since been told by our Site Supervisor that it was a Metricon mistake and that it will be fixed (apparently at a cost of $600 to Metricon).

We've also had all the internal doors and framing installed.  Amongst these are some Corinthian INF21 doors which we are using for the entry to Bed 1 and to the walk in robe (which seems HUGE!!).  These look excellent and will stand out when they are stained.

The sinks have also been delivered this week.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember anything about what they look like.  Its a wait and see game.......

We have noted a few other building issues as well during the week.  The electrician has installed wiring in incorrect spots (not as per the electrical plan) in 4 spots around the front portico.  Two of the spots are obstructed by the portico poles, the other two are obstructed by the stormwater downpipes.  To be fixed, both of these require the removal and replacement of brickwork.

Also, the power and wiring for the HSTP has been covered up by the kitchen cabinetry.  It will be interesting at how they'll retrieve the wiring from between the cabinetry and the wall in the photo below.

The garage "Man Land 2" is also nearly complete.  The one thing that stands out with it is the height (just short of 4m at the highest point).  It should provide plenty of room to get the boat and trailer in with some extra work space.  The access door and window have been installed, but we have come up with a bit of an issue.  The industrial roller door was damaged (roller bent) when it was delivered and its going to take another 3 weeks to get another one.  I guess the boat will have to wait..........again.

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