Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting so close

With so much going on with the final fitout, it was really good to take a walk through today with our SS and get some photo's.  Our access to the house has been limited to the outside and to our joint visits each Thursday morning.  This mornings visit was the first official walkthrough to mark up any issues with the fitout.  We are expecting our Practical Completion walkthrough within the next 2 weeks (yes......not far away now before we get the keys).  Overall, there is really only one major issue we identified (again) today with the build and that is the stacker doors to the dining area are sagging in the middle.  Our SS has already organised for the door to be "packed" under the centre where the sagg is, however there is still approximately a 5mm sagg from each of the ends.  After some "strong opinions" being aired between Maya and our SS regarding the sagging door, it sounds like we are going to get the issue resolved prior to corking.  We have also requested a change in the location of our Airconditioning control panel.  The panel is currently installed in the main hallway wall, however we had advised our SS thast we wanted it on one of the kitchen walls.  Given that the aircon control panel was never drawn into/on any of the electrical plans and we were advised to tell our SS where we wanted it, our SS is happy to organise relocation of this.  The idea is that we wanted all our control panels for the house (main lights panel, Aircon and HSTP controls) in the one central spot.

While we were doing our walkthrough today, the eletricians were doing the final electrical fitout.  Our SS let us know that the downlight that we originally ordered through Stratus during our Electrical appointments were currently out of stock through Beacon (Metricon's supplier) and that it would take 3 weeks to get the selected downlight back in.  This would have taken us past our proposed handover date.  Our SS offered us an alternative downlight that was very similar which we decided to take.

Here are some photo's from our walk through -

The rainwater tank, taps and downpipes have all been fitted off in the last week.

We've also had thew first of our landscaping jobs done.  The photos below are of our new retaining wall and of the electrical conduit cable were installing to run power from a junction box on the house to the shed.  We're really happy with how the retaining wall was done.  This is the area where we were really restricted with space so we had to keep the retaining wall as close as we could to the fencline.  Thank you to Mark @ Lude Landscapes for doing a fantastic job.  If you are looking for someone to do landscape work on or around the Sunshine Coast, given Mark a call.  We've arranged for a trench to be dug between the house and the shed to put this in.  Only concern with this is that they may cut through some existing plumbing.  Metricon apparently do not provide customers with a copy of the plumbing plan.

Lots of work completed on the inside too.  The carpet was put down yesterday.  Pretty happy with the colour.  It was back in May when we made our selections at Studio M and we actually couldn't remember what carpet we had chosen.

The bathrooms and enuite have been completed apart from installation of the bath.

The gas hot water and airconditioning compressors have also been installed, but not wired up yet.

The wardobe sliding doors have all been installed and the kitchen is completed apart from the glass splashback.  Apparently the splashback is being delivered on Friday.

Lot's happening over the next few days including all the external painting and heaps of touch up's inside.  Hopefully I can get some photo's!!!


  1. Looking great guys. This has flown along! May I ask how many weeks since you were at rough-in's done stage? Im trying to work out how much longer ours will be? Our roof is done, rough-ins done and windows today.
    Thanks and good luck!

  2. Yes...looking good. FYI our storm water drains are drawn on the original Metricon plan that shows the house placement on the block. Though I wouldn't say it's accurate to the centimeter but it should give an idea where the stormwater pipes are at least.

  3. Hi Cassandra, Rough in was completed about the first week of September. Our practical completion is due in last last week of this month (our 18 week build time guarantee finishes on the 25th Nov). There still seems like there is soooooo much to do within the next couple of weeks. I don't know whether M'con is going to make it in time.

    Charlie, thanks for the info on the plumbing. We're still a little worried they will pull up a rainwater drain. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  4. Hi guys, how about am update? long time no hear as they say!!!