Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time to Sign!!!

After what feels like a long wait we have been told by our Sales Rep that Metricon have our contract ready. This is actually go number 2 at having our contract prepared. The first time (about a month ago) we were provided with a draft copy of our plans a few days ahead of the contract date.

Given the amount of changes that we had to make to the garage end of the house to fit it on our block (with enough room for a driveway leftover) we were really keen to check the drafties had got our scetch right. Unfortunately, it looked nothing like our sketch or our Sales Reps marked up plan either on the garage end or around Bedroom 1. Actually, I was pretty surprised that our Sales Rep actually tried to "sell us" the stuffed up plans that looked nothing like what we wanted and then when we disagreed said "I thought that you may not like it!!!". If that was the case, why sell us a stuff up???? Anyway.....

We have been sent an updated set of plans ahead of meeting with our Sales Rep this weekend. Almost everything looks good, apart from the colonial feature on the side of Bed 1 which should have been extended in line with the outside wall of the ensuite. Just another thing to bring up the Sales Rep BEFORE we sign. I'm sure that he is absolutely sick of my calls asking to get things fixed already!!
Anyway, here are our "almost final" house plans

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