Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Contract Signed!!!

We signed our contract on the 24th and things are definitely "on the road now" and not turning back. Our Sales Consultant was quite helpful. I think he had anticipated that we would have a number of questions and issues we wanted resolved prior to signing. In fact, initially we were not keen on signing a document/contract that did not reflect the design we wanted exactly, but the Sales Consultant advised us that every one of our concerns/issues with errors in the original drawings were going to be resolved in the first post contract variation. The one thing that I have quickly learned is to get everything in writing (mental note for the future try and do everything via email).

We already had finance in place (Given my job, it would be a little scary if I didn't) prior to signing the building contract so everything was set to go.

Our next step is to make our trip to make Colour, Electrical and Tile Selections at Studio M @ Gold Coast which has been booked in for a few weeks time.
Over the last couple of weeks we've made a couple of trips to Studio M just to get some ideas about what "variations" we might like above Metricons Reflections Promotion Inclusions. If anyone is either looking at building with Metricon or has recently signed a Preliminary contract/Quote, get to Studio M as soon as possible. It will give you a good idea of what is standard, what you get in any promotion and approximately what each upgrade will cost. That way, when you come to selecting items you would like added to the contract you can ask for provisions to be made. I'd recommend adding a provision for electrical in particular!!

We are still considering doing a couple of things ourselves such as the HSTP (Home Sewerage Treatment Plant) and Decking for the Outdoor room and Portico. Metricon has quoted us $14K for supply and full install of their Bio Treat HSTP system. We would really like to install a Biolytix HSTP mainly because it has underground wastewater dispersal, does not use any chemicals like Chlorine and is more environmentally friendly. So far we've got a quote on the supply and install on a system similar Bio Treat system excluding connections/power for $8K and approx $11K for Biolytix. Just waiting on a quote from Metricon to just do connections before we make a decision.

In the mean time (or at least until we have completed our Studio M appointment), I've included a graphic of our proposed external Colour scheme from the online Studio M site. What a nice little design tool!!!


  1. hello, looks like we are at the same stage with Metricon, did you choose the 10 week site start? look forward to watching your house build :)

  2. Hi Nel

    Yeah, it sounds like a race is on....state vs state!! Although I think that contract conditions do vary from Vic to Qld. From other QLD Metricon Blogs it looks like most site starts occur around 2 months from signing.

    The Santorini has a good floor plan layout. I particularly like Metricon plans that have the "outdoor room" central to the building. We'll be keeping an eye on how your build is going.

    D & M