Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our First Mow!!

Its been a busy week since our last post.  Last Saturday we spent most of Saturday down at the Gold Coast at Studio M trying to preselect as much as possible before we have our Electrical, Colour and Tile appointments this coming week.  It was really worthwhile and we think that we have most of our options hammered down.  Once we have made our final selections, I'll post some detail about our colours, tiles, and external selections on this blog.  

Last weekend we also did our first mow of the block.  Thanks to Scotty K for the lend of the ride on.  Even with the ride on it still took nearly an hour to mow it.  Doing this block by push mower would have been a killer!!!!  I think we'll pull forward our purchase of our own ride on.   Maya caught me hard at work. 

We finally made a decision on what to do about our HSTP system.  Our Metricon Customer Support Coordinator (after we follow up with her on multiple occasions) came back to us with the price of $16600 for Metricon to simply do the connections of a HSTP and the HSTP council submission.  Given that the original amount on our contract for Metricon to supply, install and connect their Bio Treat HSTP was $14000, we decided to query this price.  After again following up on a number of occasions, we were told that the connection cost would be $1660 (not $16600 as originally provided via email).  Again...good enough reason to get everything in writing/via email.

We headed out to the block late this afternoon, mainly to take the hound for a run and noticed that we have our first building progress -
.....yes we have a water meter!!!!  Yes, it feels like our site start is getting closer.

Anyway, we have both taken the week off work to do our selections (really just needed a break and this seemed like a good excuse) and since we live on the Sunshine Coast, Metricon supplies us with 1 nights accommodation on the Gold Coast while we do our selections.  We're going to extend this out to a couple of extra nights.

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