Saturday, June 5, 2010


After a week or so of two-ing and fro-ing with our Metricon CSC around the issues that we identified before contract signing.  The main issues that we had were -
  1. On the original elevations that we were provided with, the Denver illustrated was a standard height home.  With the "Reflections" package the height increases to 2540mm which makes the internal rooms feel larger.  The issue that we identified at contract signing was that due to the extra height, Metricon uses FC sheeting above all windows and doors that are not part of the Colonial Facade, meaning the back of the house has FC sheet (less than appealing to keep a consistent look throughout).  This was only identified when we were provided with all the elevation drawings.  While we identified this "issue" at contract signing, Metricon's approach was that we should have identified this prior to the contract as it is a structural variation.  Our point was that we would have assumed that this was brickwork without having been provided with any drawings that showed FC sheet.  End result, our CSC and Building Manager have agreed to add the brickwork above the windows for $1395 with no variation fee.......Win 1.
  2. We also noted, again due to the extra height issue during out contract signing that there appeared to be only one bulkhead above the kitchen cupboards (along one side).  The cupboards on the cooker side were missing a bulkhead above them.  This was something that Maya picked up at contract signing and queried with our Sales Consultant.  The Sales Consultant advised that there was actually a bulkhead on both kitchen walls......which at our Colour selection discovered was not true.  Again this was addressed with our CSC.  End result is Metricon have agreed to supply the additional bulkhead for $602 without any variation fee...... Win 2.
  3. The third issue that we raised was in relation to the shower recesses.  We queried our Sales Consultant a few times during and up to the signing of our contract around the price for putting in shower recesses in both the main bathroom and ensuite.  We were under the understanding that we could do this at our Colour Variation but were advised at the appointment that it should have been added at contract. Anyway, we again addressed this item with our CSC and Metricon has agreed to add the two shower recesses for $380 each to the variation with the other two items listed above.  Again the recesses were purely confusion between us and our Sales consultant, but it was nice that Metricon agreed to do this at no charge.  Win 3?
Thanks to our CSC, all our "issues" to date have now been resolved.  During the week we also received back our Electrical Variation documents to sign off.  The variation received was missing the cost for our Star Server which was queried.  Our CSC advised that this was not correct and would be corrected.

We also did some shopping during the week and got a few items that are going to be really useful for the new place.  We bought a new trailer so that we can cart landscaping and other supplies to the block when  needed.  We also got our own Ride on Mower today after LOTS of deliberating between brands, size and then New vs Used.  We finally decided to go for a new Toro Lawn Tractor and then gave it its first run  today.  I actually couldn't get Maya off the thing!!!
During last week we also thought we would take a walk through a couple of local Metricon and other builders displays on the Sunshine Coast (rather than the Brisbane displays where we signed our contract), mainly to get a better idea of what sort of window coverings we intended to go for.  It was really interesting the simplicity of window coverings used in display homes.  

In our wanderings we also came across the first instance of the Blue Rio Bricks that we selected being used outside of a Boral display centre.  This photo was taken at Brightwater for a house that is still under construction.  It is definitely Blue Rio and has been used as a feature wall for the garage.  I think that they have used off white mortar which is a little different (less contrast) to the way ours will look.  We are really happy with the brick selection and believe that it will only look better with White Mortar and White Sand.

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