Thursday, July 8, 2010

Site Start Date!!

After what feels like months of waiting with very little happening, we have been notified today of our final building approval and plumbing approval.  It appears that there was a bit of delay in getting the plumbing approved due to a change in out Home Sewerage Treatment Plant (HSTP) plan.  After getting feedback from people that have HSTP's, we are really happy with our choice of the Biolytix system.  Too many restrictions with the other systems and so much better having the wastewater outflow underground.  If anyone is building on unsewered land, recommend having a look at .  

All of our plans have been signed off without any variations required by the Certifiers.  We now also have a site start date....the 22nd of June.  We'll have to at the block on that day.
We are still considering if and when to get private building inspections done during the building progress stages.  We mainly want to make sure that we get what we are paying Metricon for......a quality build...... and thats why we want to do our own due diligence.  On that note, can anyone recommend a building inspection company that does inspections between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast?

During our wait (sorry to everyone for the lack of blog posts but there wasn't much to report) we have used the time to take a look at additional items around the house.  The main items we have been working on have been quotes on a double garage/shed, fencing, landscaping and driveways.  

By far the biggest expense is going to be for fencing the block.  Most of the other lot owners in our estate have been putting up rural style post and dog wire fencing which is something that we are not that keen on given that its only 3/4 of an acre rural residential block.  We really like the idea of a full 1.8m timber paling fence in treated pine or hardwood (if the budget allows).  Our neighbour 3 lots down has done a paling fence in hardwood and it looks fabulous. 

Also, in the past few weeks we have been narrowing down our choices and quotes for getting a 2 bay colorbond garage constructed.  We really want to stick to the same color scheme as the house with Ironstone/Dune.  We are thinking of choosing one of the two designs below -
Over the past couple weeks we took a few extra photo's around the Glass House Mountains and thought that I'd post them now.  Its hard to believe that our new home is only 45 mins from Brisbane and 30 from Maroochydore.  So nice to be back on the coast again!!!

View from our block to Mt Tibrogargan

View from Mt Beerburrum (Maya's still giving me grief over making her climb Beerburrum)

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