Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 54 - Some sort of redemption

After letting fly yesterday and send a fairly direct email to Metricon this morning it appears that we may have stirred a bit of a hornets nest.  Soon after sending the email this morning, I received a phone call from ourn Site Supervisor requesting a meeting on site on Thursday morning with the Construction Manager, SS and us.  What can I say????......We're happy to have a face to face meeting to try and resolve some of the issues we have raised.

I received a few follow up calls from our SS today and it appears that he is attempting to make a start on the issues we raised, starting with the items that were requested to be fixed by Metricon's Frame Stage Certifier.

Bricking has now been totally completed, including the front portico and plaster sheeting is mostly completed throughout the house.  I managed to slip out to the block this afternoon and get these photos.


  1. Hey guys...Sorry to hear of your problems. The mortar mistake is nasty and going to be hard to resolve now. If you can't make any headway in your meeting on Thursday get Chris Roberts involved he is the overall boss of construction and when he says do happens. From memory his email is Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the email address Charlie. I think we have this resolved now....just waiting for the confirmation letter.