Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 58 - On the right track

Its been a bit of an eventful week.  After sending through on "Request for Rectification" of issues identified on both our private inspection and the private certifiers inspection on the frame we had a meeting organised with our SS and Construction Manager on Thursday morning.

Prior to Thursday morning the Site Supervisor had been in contact with us already starting to work on the issues identified in Metricon's Certifiers report.  The main issues identified by the certifier were the frame overhanging the slab between the garage and bedroom and bolts missing from the top connection point for the front and back porticos.  Unfortunately, Metricon had continued bricking over these areas even after we notified them of the issues.  The missing bolts to the porticos have now been replaced and the frame overhang issue is partly resolved.  The photo below displays the bricks removed so that Metricon can install a metal bracket to support the frame overhang in this area.
We arrived at the block on Thursday morning expecting to meet with our SS and the Construction Manager and were informed by our SS that the Construction Manager was "angry" with us for going on site.  After nearly 1/2 an hour of working through the issues with our SS and waiting for the Construction Manager, we decided to leave the block without meeting him.  Given that he really wanted to speak to us around going on site, we're a little disillusioned as to why he didn't turn up.  I guess it shows the respect that he has for customers.  I would have expected at least a phone call, even if he was busy.

The issue of the incorrect mortar being used has been addressed but has not been finalised.  Metricon has decided to provide "some" compensation for getting it wrong.  While we did not get what we wanted (or what was in the contract) which was the white mortar with white sand, we can live with the error.  We are awaiting a variation letter from Metricon confirming the variation/compensation amount.

In the mean time, we have received the Fixing Stage invoice.  I think we'll hold that payment off until we get our variation confirmation.

We went out to the block this weekend to have a look around and do a bit of a tidy up.  Nearly all the plastering and cornices are complete.  The render to the front portico and outdoor room is also complete now.  It looks surprisingly close in colour to the "Dune" colorbond on the gutters even without being painted.  Also, our neighbour on the left hand side has started work on our bordering fence which looks great.
Just a few photo's below -

Main Bedroom

Living Room

Toward Front Door from Dining Area

Finials for the Colonial Feature on the roof

New Fencing

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