Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 22 - What a pizzlling!!!

Yup, a pretty wet couple of days right across SEQ with not much going on at the block.  It did give us a little bit more time to get all those little jobs done that we did not have a chance to over the last tax........

I also had a meeting with the shed "man land" builders around the site prep work that needs to be done.  It seems like we'll have the shed up within the next 4-5weeks which will be really handy for when we are moving furniture across of our current rental.  It will be nice not to have to rush moving house again.

Apparently on Friday morning early our SS got in contact with Maya to do his weekly update call.  He gave us the update that he was expecting the frame to be completed by the 17th Aug (I think that date has been "sunk" with this weeks weather.  He also wanted to check on whether we definitely wanted the "colonial feature" poles for the feature at the front of the house.  I think Maya made it pretty clear that is why we wanted the colonial facade.  Apparently the wrong poles were delivered to the block and this may result in a delay.  We also let him know about our intention to use an independent builder inspector to act on our behalf at all future construction stages.  The SS gave me scripted response of "we have an extensive QA process", "Metricon QA pick everything up to make sure you get a quality build" and "Metricon has got rid of all the poor quality trades due to there being less work on at the moment" and saving the best one for last "I'd hate for you to be wasting your money on an inspection".  I'd like to congratulate Metricon on supplying its construction supervisors with the Sales tools required to use "doubt creating questions".  Unfortunately Metricon, we adamant about wanting someone to protect our interests, complete our due diligence and most importantly be on our payroll rather than Metricons.  But as I said to our Site Supervisor, "I'd like nothing more than for our Independent inspection to pick up nothing and for me to have paid $500 for nothing".

We did see some action today at the block today with the rest of the main frame going up.  I took a run out to the block at about 6pm and took these photo's -

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  1. Im glad you're sticking to your guns on the independent inspector. Im still undecided whether to get one myself!