Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 27 - Mostly Framed

Unfortunately, my week has been too busy to be able to get out to the block before dark.  Maya took some of her work mates past the block on their way back from Brisbane today and then took these photos.  Looks like most of the roof trusses are now up including the outdoor room. Maya thought that the rooms looked bigger with most of the frame and trusses up.  I hope so because the I felt the place looked smaller than I first envisaged.

I've had a couple of conversations with our SS over the last couple of days to confirm appointments.  Our back fence with the neighbours should be completed in the next week.  Our back neighbours are fantastic and have been keeping an eye out on our block.  Thanks guys!!  Unfortunately we did have some topsoil taken from the block that we did want to use later.  Nice to know we have two families of police officers in our estate :)

Since our frame stage is due to be completed by the 20th now (due to the rain last week) I've booked our independent inspector for Monday afternoon.  I think our SS is not impressed with us doing the inspection, he's been a little bit less helpful since we notified him of our intention to use an independent inspector.  Hopefully everything will be fine and won't require any corrective actions by Metricon.  Either way, its worth the $500 for peace of mind that we're getting what we paid for and what Metricon promises - QUALITY.  I'll post the details from the inspection next Monday.

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