Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 30 - Another Wet Day

It seems like the weather is working against us at the moment with a wet and overcast day on Friday and no building action at the block.  The forecast for the next few days is surely conspiring against us with Fine all weekend and Rain again on Monday and Tuesday.

I got a call from our SS again this week around dates for booking inspections.  He wanted to have the Frame stage completed on the 17th, but it looks like it might be around the Tuesday 24th assuming no more rain (yeah right).  Anyway, looks like the majority of the frame is finished with only the front portico/colonial feature to complete.

Quite a bit happening with organising other things for the house in the last few days.  We got our quotes for doing the decks under the front portico and outdoor room back this week.  it was amazing the difference in pricing for exactly the same decks (over $6K difference highest to lowest).  Obviously some people don't need the work at the moment.  It would have been good if Metricon did this as part of the build package and we asked for this to be quoted pre-contract by Metricon, however apparently they don't do decks in QLD.  We found this really interesting since the Metricon Sales Consultant gave us a per sqm price for a Metricon supplied deck.

We also have some decisions to make around what type of driveway we're going to do.  We were pretty keen on doing exposed ag originally for the main driveway until we saw how easily they were to damage/mark.  We are now getting some quotes on doing a stencilled driveway or maybe doing a plain concrete driveway and then adding the stencilling later.

Our fencer has nearly completed our back fence, but I think that the rain on Friday slowed him down.  Fences was another thing that Maya and i had some trouble deciding on.  We're really happy with how this back fence is coming up.  We really liked the hardwood fence our neighbours put up and it convinced us to do the same. 

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