Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 23 - Frame and some questions????

With the rain gone, it was clearly action stations for Friday.  The trusses were delivered to the block earlier in the week and were due to be up by the end of Friday.  Our SS has told us that due to the rain he has pushed back the guttering but still expects the frame stage to be completed by the 19th.  Still lots to go to get there.  We took these photos of the frame so far and what I believe is a special photo for Metricon's "what the" collection (see last pic).
And to the last photo.  We did a little inspection of the frame and noticed something strange.  The next photo was taken at the laundry end of the house, looking down inside a cupboard wall.  

I'll let everyone make their own decision on what this is, but as far as I can tell it can only be -
1) An inside the wall drain, essential to all new home builds
2) A Metricon cock up
I am going to take a vote on this one via comments 
Considering that the frame is halfway covering this drain, I'm wondering what Metricon will do to fix this?  It is definitely something that we'll be discussing on Monday with our SS.


  1. A vent pipe, perhaps?

  2. If it were a double storey house, it could be for drainage from upstairs. But if a single level house, vent pipe as previous comment suggested?


  3. Hmmm, not sure folks, particularly that it is about 1/5 covered by the frame. I'm not sure how they would go connecting a vent to it???

  4. The vent pipe is smaller in diameter, and it is offset a little at the point it is connected to the waste pipe. That's what ours looked like. The vent pipe looks to be about 70% the size of the waste pipe. If yours is the same, then it might just fit in.

  5. My vote is for a vent pipe. We had one in between the kitchen and a bedroom.