Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 39 - We're 1/2 covered

Pretty happy with the progress of the last week, even though not everything has been completed that we expected to be done.  The roof has started to go on (in fact 2/3 of the roof is on) and I've definitely had a colorbond moment in the last few days.  We're really happy with the colour of the roof "Ironstone".  A little bit less sure about the colour of the gutters and fascia.  

When we were at Studio M choosing external colours we wanted some variation on the external of the house and kind of "threw in" the "Dune" colour for the fascia and gutters right at the end to provide some contrast.  At the time we were considering doing the gutters and fascia in Ironstone as well.  We are now reconsidering our "Dune" colour choice as it stands out a fair bit.  We are hoping that having the render and some of the external paint will balance the house out......

Work has also started on the colonial features at the front of the house which can be more easily seen in the last photo.   The feature roofing sits underneath the height of the main roof.  We may end up with a little bit of an issue with the height of the roof under the colonial sections.  We apparently need to maintain a roofing height of 210cm under this roofing, however as we are planning to put decks under this roofing, this may restrict the height of the decks.
We were also due to have our Private Building Inspector through to do the frame stage inspection on Friday (after already pushing it back once already).  I had a call from our SS who let us know that the colonial feature framing would not be completed by Friday and that while our inspector could go through, not everything was complete.  This confuses me because we have already received our invoice from Metricon for completion of the frame.  None the less, we'll be holding back on payment of this invoice until our inspector has been through next Wednesday.

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