Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 1 - Site Cut

Our long wait is over!!!!  We had the site cut, all 25cm of it this morning.  We also met with our Site Supervisor (SS) this morning for the first time.  We were due to meet at 8.30am, but the contractor doing the site cut had already started.

Two days ago we were provided with a notification from Metricon that their Audit process of our file had turned up 3 issues.
  • The eave attached to Bedroom 1 needed to be removed as there was a conflict with the roof.  We were pretty disappointed with this at the time we were advised
  • A piano hinged cupboard door to one of our kitchen cupboards which we had requested at our "Colour" variation had been removed (unsure of the reason why).
  • Metricon had made an error in the tile variation and only quoted on ceramic tile kickers for the kitchen.  This was being corrected with the addition of porcelain tiles.
After running through our Site Start checklist, we provided our SS with a plan to address the issues we had with the Audit Variation, the main issue being the Bedroom 1 eave.  Our SS has been fantastic in sorting through our issues with the Audit Variation and providing advice on how we can rectify the issues we raised.  10/10 for our SS for fixing stuff ups with the plans/variation and following up on calls and emails!!

A few of our photo's from Day 1 (lucky we had the day off)
From the front of the block
From the back of the block
Our SS has also given us the schedule for the next couple of days.  We should see the site pegged out tomorrow, plumbing done early next week and then piering and slab before the end of next week...assuming no rain.  Our SS also let us know that most of his builds are currently about 1month ahead of schedule and he is confident that ours will be finished early as well, which would be handy because our lease finishes in early November.


  1. Congratulations on the site start - looks like you've got wonderful scenery around your block!

  2. Thanks Tim and Tina!! We love the area. Looks like you are really close to complete now. Your place is looking great!! Good to see Metricon fixed the laundry properly.