Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peggout - Day 2

Our SS is definitely getting on with it.  The site has been pegged out with lots of pink marked pegs.  We were a bit concerned that there would not be enough room to put a driveway down the garage side of the house but even though we will have to put a small retaining wall in, we should have plenty of room left.
Unfortunately, the pink pegs shown on the right in this pic are in the wrong spot.  They are supposed to mark the poles for the Colonial feature outside Bed 1 (which we are waiting to be moved out 600 from the brickwork on the plans).

We are due to have the HSTP system installed in the next couple of days and we need dry weather for that.  Its been threatening rain all weekend with only the odd shower.  Lets hope it stays dry enough to keep the build moving forward.

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