Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 8 - We have a pool and a whale....

Well not quite....  It has been pretty wet over the last day and although Glass House Mtns missed out on the heavy rain seen over the rest of the coast, we still ended up with a pool or two in the garage.  The clayey soil we've got means things get boggy pretty quick.  There was very little work done at the block yesterday (maybe a bit of plumbing finished off).  It did fine up in the afternoon so I got a chance to take some better photo's of the site and of the HSTP.

So here are the pool/s

and the Whale..........bin in the front yard

The Biolytix HSTP and irrigation area
I'm not really confident that we'll get any work done tomorrow, but its been fantastic progress for just over a week.  We were due to have the slab poured tomorrow, but I'm sure that will be Monday at the earliest.

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