Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 6 - HSTP and Waffles

Our Site Supervisor really appears to have things happening on our block.  I took a quick drive past the block before work this morning and noticed that the HSTP Plumbers were already there starting the install.  I was really worried that this might not go ahead today given the rain in SE Qld in the last couple of days.  When I dropped by late this afternoon I managed to take a few photos of the Biolytix HSTP and the waffle pods.
The photo above shows the Biolytix system fully installed.  It still needs to be connected to the house by Metricons Plumbers which should happen in the next couple of days.  The installers also completed putting in all of the underground irrigation for the Biolytix system.  We're really happy we chose this system because it does not require any chemicals which in other systems get irrigated via sprinklers above ground.  This should give us a lot more usable land.  We've just got to make sure that nobody drives over the irrigation area and breaks the drippers.  The installers have to come back shortly before handover to "commission" the system and add the earthworms.  That should be good to see.

We also have a few deliveries to the block today including some reo and the waffle pods.  The wet weather might slow us down, but the SS still hopes her can get the slab down on Friday. There is quite a bit of plumbing work to be done before then though.   The photo's below are of the waffle pods and some better photo's of the piering.

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