Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 7 - We have the Power......and Plumbing

I'm not sure whether this is good progress or not, but work at our block just seems to be "powering" ahead regardless of the rain that we have had.  When we arrived out at the block late this afternoon we found that the pre slab plumbing looked to have been completed and the electricians had run power from the street to the newly installed switchboard.  Just a few quick photos from todays visit -
 I've been taking the photos over the last couple of days at about 5.45pm (i.e quite dark) with my new D300.  This camera blows me away when you get results as good as this at really high ISO's.  Definitely worth the money.


  1. You must have taken these at a fairly wide angle as it makes the house look

  2. Hi Charlie
    I do a little bit of photography and was playing around with the latest photos in really low light (close to 6pm) and with a Sigma 10-20mm. I actually thought the house looked small on site, given its close to 34sq all up.