Monday, July 19, 2010

Its the Final Countdown....(not the song by "Europe")

Just 3 short days to site start and we'll finally see some action on the block.  We were contacted by our Site Supervisor (SS) during the week just to touch base and also book a time to meet at the block on Thursday foir the site scrape....not that its going to be a big job with just 25cm to be levelled.  Our SS also wants us to get our HSTP installed in the week between the 23rd and 29th of July.  Given that both the installer and Biolytix need about 2 weeks in general to supply and book installation, its going to be tight (thanks for the short notice period Metricon).  I'm also a little bit concerned given that nobody can drive over the HSTP and irrigation piping once it is installed.  Let's hope Metricon peg the area off so we don't get any damage. 

Also has a fair bit happening in the last week around the block with organising some tree lopping to get rid of a Golden Cane Palm at the back of our block and obstructs the proposed fenceline.  We got some final quotes on doing the fence with the back neighbours and will be getting this done over the next couple of weeks.

On a low note, on around Friday of last week some "tool" dumped their load of tree branches on our block and the block next to ours (photo's below).  If I find out who did this, I'm sure that I could arrange for them to get their s*^t back along with an additional load when we do our first septic tank pump out .............. enough said.

Be sure to come back after Thursday for some actual progress photo's.

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